Rapitest™ HCV Test is a direct binding screening test for the detection of antibodies to Hepatitis C viruses, which causes chronic liver diseases. Recombinant HCV [NS3, NS4 & NS5] and structural core protein antigens are employed to identify HCV antibodies specifically. This test is very sensitive and rapid, results are interpreted in less than 5 minutes. Test results are read visually without any instrumentation.


Rapitest™ HCV Flow – Through Test is a membrane based test, which is coated with recombinant antigen [ NS3, NS4, NS5 and Core] specific to HCV antibodies at test region “T”. The control Region “C” is coated with Protein A. The reaction well is initially washed with a wash buffer in order to make the membrane ready for testing, then the serum / plasma specimen is added. The antigens coated in the membrane captures respective antibodies to HCV in the serum / plasma, if the specimen has antibodies to HCV. The membrane is again washed to remove excess and un-reacted antibodies in the membrane. Prior washing, Protein A conjugated gold reagent is added to visualize the presence of bound antigen & antibody complex. A final wash is done to clear the back ground left with pink bands. Bands at test region “T” and control region “C” is a positive result and absence of bands at test region “T” is a negative result. No band at region “C” indicates the test is “INVALID”.
Instructions for Use: